Add Ons

Individual Addresses

Individually addressed envelopes can be added to an order for Announcement Cards with Envelopes and Thank You Cards with Envelopes. Return addressing is already included for each of these products. Individual addresses can also be added to an order for Announcement Postcards and Thank You Postcards. Priced per envelope or postcard.

$2.00 per piece

Response Names

Individual names for response cards can be added to an order for invitations. Each response card will name exactly who is invited to your event, so there is no confusion with regards to plus ones, whether young children are invited, larger households with multiple family members, etc. Priced per response card.

$2.00 per piece

Invitation Assembly

Assembly of your stationery can be added to an order for invitations. For your convenience, invitations will arrive bundled, paperclipped, and stuffed. Envelopes will be left unsealed, so that you may inspect all invitations prior to mailing them out. Priced per invitation.

$2.00 per piece



Collection Variation

A Collection Variation is when use of a second collection is requested within a single order. For example, Melrose Table Numbers and Melrose Menus are ordered with Sabonne Escort Cards and Sabonne Place Cards. The use of all 3 collections in a single order is not permitted.

$50.00 each

Color Variation

A Color Variation is when an additional color is requested for a single element. Each element of every product we offer already comes with one color selection. A second or multiple color selections incur additional fees. For example, an announcement envelope order is requested to be half Tomato and half Blush. Paper colors, envelope colors, envelope style, and paperclips are all applicable to Color Variations, as long as the product itself does not require any other variations in content, design, orientation, etc. Priced per each additional Color Variation.

$50.00 each

Content Variation

A Content Variation is when a single element of a product has multiple versions. For example, an enclosure card needs two variations—one variation lists hotel suggestions (where guests can purchase their accommodations), while another variation lists hotel assignments (those guests accommodations have been paid for). Priced per each additional Content Variation.

$100.00 each


Paper and Print

Custom Color

A Custom Color for papers and envelopes can be requested and accepted at the discretion of our designers. If you have a color in mind that we do not currently offer on our Papers page, we may be able to find what you need for an additional fee. Priced per Custom Color request. Additional fees may apply, depending on the price difference of the requested color.

$50.00 each

Paper Upgrade

For an additional cost, any of our products that normally come in a text weight (or our thinnest) stock can be upgraded to a cover weight (or our heaviest) stock. View each individual product page to see what stock that item comes in. Click each swatch on our Papers page to see available stocks. Priced per piece.

$1.00 per piece

Double Sided Print

Some of our products come printed on a single side. A Double Sided Print can be requested to duplicate the same design on the reverse side, or utilize the reverse side for additional copy. For example, Table Numbers and Small Signage content may be duplicated, and Menus can utilize the reverse side for additional menu copy. Priced per piece.

$1.00 per piece


Custom Design

Custom Elements

Custom Elements can be requested and accepted at the discretion of our designers. A Custom Element is a request to design a single element to be incorporated into our existing products. Some examples that fall under base pricing are icons, graphs, charts, tables, timelines, etc. More complicated requests will be priced at the discretion of our designers. Some examples are illustrations, maps, logos, etc. Additional time may be needed based on the request. Priced per each Custom Element, per each application.

$100.00 base

Custom Products

Custom Products can be requested and accepted at the discretion of our designers. A Custom Product is a request to design a full page layout outside of our existing designs, that may also require sizes or formats outside of our existing product line. Some examples that fall under base pricing are digital announcements, golf score cards, bingo cards, large format signage, drink tickets, etc. More complicated requests will be priced at the discretion of our designers. Each Custom Product comes with two revisions. Additional time may be needed based on the request. Priced per each Custom Product.

$200.00 base


Rush Production

Rush Production

Rush orders faster than our standard production time of up to 3 weeks can be provided for an additional cost (visit our Timing page for more details on the process). This fee is in addition to costs that you may incur based on the prices of rush delivery from our paper suppliers and rush printing services, both of which can vary based on the details of your order. We ask that all requests for Rush Production be made prior to delivery of the first set of digital proofs. Rush Production times do not include the time it takes for your order to ship. Please see the section on “Shipment and Delivery” on our Timing page for more details.

Two Weeks $200.00

One Week $400.00


Additional Fees

Invoice Changes

Any set of quantity changes, product adjustments, or item removals made to an invoice once the 50% deposit has been made will incur a change fee (in addition to whatever product, service, or adjustment is added). Quantities, products, and collection decisions should be finalized prior to paying the 50% deposit. You may make as many adjustments to an invoice as needed within one set of changes. Priced per set of changes.

$25.00 each

Proof Variations

Each set of digital proofs include a single proof image per element. Proof Variations are a request for multiple versions of proofs of any single element. For example, a request to see an element in different colors, with different photo options, with different copy options, etc. A Proof Variation fee is charged per single variation, up to a full set of digital proofs.

$50.00 each

Additional Revisions

Many of our products come with two rounds of revisions that occur between three sets of digital proofs. Additional revisions incur fees, no matter how small the change. You may make as many changes as needed within each revision, and an updated set of proofs will be provided reflecting those changes. Priced per revision, each time a new set of changes is requested.

$50.00 each


Any change requests made after your approval of the final set of digital proofs, after supplies have been ordered by our team, or after any part of your order has been printed (no matter how little time has passed or how small the change), is classified as a Reprint. Placing an additional quantity of an order after that order has already been printed and delivered also is classified as a Reprint. Additional fees may also be incurred depending on the changes needed, if new paper stock must be reordered, if products need to be reprinted, or if timing restrictions require rush production, rush shipping, or rush printing fees. A Reprint fee is charged per element of a product that needs changes.

$100.00 base