Our premium invitation envelopes come in two different style options. It's your choice between a paper envelope, or a glassy version to show off your invitation package tucked inside. With both options looking super sexy, you can't really make a bad decision.



Square Flap

Available in Blush, Brick, Bubblegum, Camel, Celery, Cherry, Citrus, Cobb, Coral, Cotton, Crystal, Fawn, Fern, Flat, Frost, Ginger, Grapefruit, Grass, Gray, Grout, Ivory, Jungle, Lilac, Marble, Meringue, Mint, Mustard, Natural, Ocean, Olive, Rain, Rose, Sage, Salmon, Sand, Seafoam, Sky, Snow, Steel, and Tomato.


Pointed Flap

Available in Guava.




—Crystal clear plastic
—1.6 mil thickness
—Resealable adhesive flap
—Acid free and archival safe
—USPS approved


Address sheet

Included with every glassy envelope is a single piece of paper for your return address and your recipient address in the color of your choice.