We offer a wide variety of premium papers because more options means more fun. Shown below is the selection that we offer for our wedding stationery. Click on each swatch for a closeup and for more details on the weights and envelope style of that color option.








Take Note

Because our papers are sourced from various mills, we are not able to control some consistencies. There may be slight differences with regards to roughness, opacity, texture, and thickness across all the text and cover weights we offer.

On larger pieces of paper, colors may feel brighter and more saturated, and textures may feel more intense than shown here. These are not meant be an exact representation, but just a close approximation of our paper offering.

Computer monitors can vary depending on brightness levels, color settings, and screen quality. We try our best to represent our paper colors as accurately as possible, but what you see may not always be exactly what you get.

Do you have a different paper or envelope color in mind that you don’t see here? Custom papers and envelopes can be requested and accepted at the discretion of our designers. Please visit our Extras page for more information.


The best and most accurate way to view our stationery is in real life. Samples of each of our collections are available for purchase, and every order comes with swatches of all our papers.