Melrose—Block Menus

Melrose—Block Menus


Prices listed are per piece


Let’s be honest, we all probably get the most amped up about the abundance of gourmet food at a wedding, if not the promise of an open bar. Get those excited oohs and ahhs when your guests feast their eyes (yes, pun intended) on what’s on the menu for dinner.



Size—4.25 x 5.5 inches (A2)
Paper—Text Stock (or thinnest available)
Print—High Quality Black Digital Print
Print—Single Sided

Suggested Extras

$1.00—Paper Upgrade
$1.00—Double Sided Print



Below are all the customization options available for the Melrose Block Menus. Our designer will guide you through making your selections once you begin the ordering process.

1—Choose Design—Small or Large Type
2—Choose Papers

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