Our Story


a gangster's paradise

Based out of Brooklyn, Goods Gang is a teeny tiny paper shop and design studio specializing in semi-custom wedding stationery and other printed goods. We are paper purveyors, graphic design lovers, negative space addicts, and obsessed with all things typographic. We are purveyors of matters of the heart, and work in celebration of the ultimate commitment between two people (awww). Our mission is to make effortless wedding stationery that marries our design obsession with our love of love.


The Anti-Wedding

Throw out your old wedding ideas of princessy pinks, ethereal details, and an overabundance of bling. This ain’t your mama’s wedding, that’s for sure. Influenced by Swiss design and fashion trends, we’ve crafted a thoughtful and focused art direction that differentiates from the typical wedding aesthetic of today, and sets you apart from the norm.


Min to the Max

We live, love, and die by a minimalist aesthetic (dramatic, we know), and strip down your wedding stationery to only the necessary elements of type on paper. We think that less really is more. No extraneous embellishments, no floral motifs, no unnecessary flourishes. Pure unadulterated typographic expression is totally our jam (and bread, and butter).


Paper Lust

We are absolutely obsessed with paper, period. In a world where everything is digitized, we feel that holding something in your hand and having tactile interaction with a physical object is more memorable, pleasurable, and necessary than ever. Our long standing addiction to paper is a way of life that we want everyone to pick up and hold onto like a bad habit.


Your Way or the Highway

Our collections are designed with the ability to customize them to your own individual aesthetic as your unique content fits into our flexible semi-custom templated products. With hundreds of combinations possible, create any vibe based on your collection, paper color, and material choices. There’s no one way (and no wrong way) to style our paper.


Meet the O.G.


Founder, Owner, Creative Director, CCO, Original Gangster, "Hurricane" (or whatever label of your choice), you can just call her Katrina. With a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design from the University of Washington in Seattle (go Huskies!), Katrina has spent almost 10 years of her career working in tech as a UX Designer for agencies, startups, and corporations. In 2015, she and her husband Sean (or Seany, affectionately) picked up and moved to New York City for an adventure. After several years of side "hustle" (barf, she really hates that term) and "thinking" of starting her own company, it was here that Katrina finally felt inspired and confident enough to leave her job and devote her days to Goods Gang full time.


Black & White: New Monochrome Graphics
IdN Magazine—Volume 18 Issue 4
Design Elements: Form & Space
Design School Confidential
Hello Poster Show—2011 Exhibition


SITE Credits

Photography—Tawni "Ice T" Bannister
Prop Styling—Rebecca "Babyface" Bartoshesky
Tech Consultant—Sean "Lil' Seany" Wen